Centre-Action Immigration



The purpose of Centre-Action Immigration is to:

  1. Promote publicly the positive contributions that immigrants/refugees and international persons make in our community.
  2. Give voice to those voices that have been silenced because of fear, discriminatory policies, and/or community hate activities.
  3. Publicize federal and state legislation impacting immigration and refugee policies.

Learn more about the group from Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia in this Facebook live message and part two (Facebook account required).

For immigrants in the U.S. or anyone interested in learning about their challenges, visit the Center for Immigrants’ Rights Clinic at Penn State.

Highlighted resources for easy access:

Know your Rights as an Immigrant (English)

Know your Rights as an Immigrant (Spanish)

Police Factsheet (English)

Police Factsheet (Spanish)

This group organizes meetings and information in the CAN Slack team under the #immigration channel.

Request access to the Slack team with the general contact form or join the group below.