Stand Against White Supremacy

Stand with Charlottseville

Inspired by the growing presence of white supremacists and hate groups around the country, counter-rallies and events have sprung up in Pennsylvania and beyond. The events in Charlottesville, NC, rather than discouraging hate groups, have emboldened them.

It is time for every, single white person in this country to speak out against white supremacy and systemic racism.

PA Together has put together a list of resources for anyone interested in taking action against white supremacy at the local, state, or national level.

Here are some highlights from the list:


Encourage your US Senators and Congressmen to take a stand against white supremacy: Call or write to your representatives and ask them to increase funding to groups fighting domestic terrorism. Get some sample text here for your message. 

Demand our representatives cut ties with groups designated as “hate groups,” and other white supremacist organizations.  Sign this petition created by Anthracite Unite calling on Congressman Lou Barletta to resign from the National Board of Advisors of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group.


In Pennsylvania

State House Rep Brian Simms has introduce a resolution condemning the events of Charlottesville and white supremacy in general.  Please write to your representative and ask them support Rep Simm’s resolution.

Senator Daylin Leach has also introduced a resolution in the PA Senate condemning the attacks and calling on the PA Assembly to label hate groups as terrorist organizations and their acts as terrorism acts.  Write your legislator and ask them to support this resolution as a cosponsor and with a “yes” vote when the resolution comes to the floor.

Perhaps more dangerous than the overtly racist acts that make the news, are those that continue unnoticed because they are systemic.  Help fight systemic racism in Pennsylvania by writing your legislator about SB 206 or calling them using this call script.


Attend a training on fighting racial justice, or join our local SURJ group.

Report Confederate Symbols in your community.  CAP has launched #TakeThemDown. If you have a confederate symbol in your town, take action now!  Call on your local elected officials to #TakeThemDown using this handy tool!  Then sign the national petition here.

Push your municipality to pass a resolution naming white supremacy and other hate groups as terror groups.

Push your municipality to create an Institutional Racism Task Force to investigate the causes of and to find solutions to systemic racism in your city or town. Click here to read about how they are doing it in Austin, TX and how other cities can follow suit.