Call Rep. Metcalfe about redistricting reform

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From Fair Districts PA:

Rep. Metcalfe says he hasn’t heard from many citizens about redistricting reform. We need to change that.

Wallace McIlvey at Penn Live recently asked Representative Daryl Metcalfe, chair of the House State Government Committee, about redistricting reform. “I don’t hear from a lot of people” about this issue, he replied.

We can’t let this go ignored.

Rep. Metcalfe has received countless postcards, calls, and letters about House Bill 722. Fair Districts PA has also requested in-person meetings with Rep. Metcalfe, and other supporters have told us they’ve done the same. Rep. Metcalfe’s office has not responded to these requests.

HB 722 is cosponsored by 96 of Rep. Metcalfe’s colleagues, making it among the most supported bills introduced in this session—but the bill cannot be voted on unless Rep. Metcalfe schedules committee hearings on it.

As the chair of a legislative committee, Rep. Metcalfe serves all Pennsylvanians, not just his constituents. It’s time for everyone who supports redistricting reform to contact him.

Call Rep. Metcalfe today and insist that he schedule HB 722 for a hearing.

Cranberry Office: (724) 772-3110
Harrisburg Office: (717) 783-1707

What to say

Please be polite, but feel free to share your frustration with our current redistricting process and the need for immediate attention to this inherent conflict of interest. Here’s a script you can use to get started:

“My name is [name]. I live in [city/town]. I’m calling Representative Metcalfe because as chair of the House State Government Committee, he needs to hear and respond to the concerns of all the people of Pennsylvania concerned about our state government.

I am a Pennsylvania citizen who believes the PA constitution needs to be amended to create an independent redistricting commission. Please schedule House Bill 722 for a hearing as soon as possible.”

What about the Senate?

Supporters have asked us if they should also contact Senator Folmer, chair of the Senate State Government Committee. Not yet, but we’ll be in touch within the next week with an update.


Representative Daryl Metcalfe